CMP Imaging Case Management Software

A fully featured Windows based CMP imaging case management software.

CMP Imaging case management software is an optional module that integrates all paper documents into viewable electronic format and links them directly into a case file. CMP Imaging is a clean simple interface that lets you process and store documents quickly and easily.

CMP imaging case management software
Images Catalog organizes images for fast retrieval

Standard Scanning

Imaging is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Having an integrated imaging solution offers much more power and benefit than a stand-alone imaging program. The standard CMP imaging case management software allows check copies, tax returns, credit applications and other pertinent documents to be scanned into the system using industry standard scanners to add all documents into the system. Each document is filed into a filing cabinet with a description of the document, its purpose and source. This allows easy retrieval of a document instantaneously rather than a user having to call back an person after finding a paper document. Being able to email, fax or print and mail the image allows for a complete management of all images in the system to increase productivity.

Automatic Imaging

CMP Imaging case management software tracks outgoing documents with a “Print to Imaging” option added to your Microsoft Word or WordPerfect toolbar instantly and automatically saving a generated document to the imaging system. This makes the complete and paperless office option a reality. All documents are treated as new, incoming documents with the “Scan Image” tool to link directly to the applicable case file in CMP. Best of all, the images are available in the case file for easy retrieval and storage.

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