Law Firm Software Document Management

Fully featured Windows based
law firm software document management.

The law firm software document management module allows your firm to totally automate all phases of the document creation process. The Document generation screen is easy to navigate and logically designed. The document titles are controlled by you so there’s no extra training time needed to learn a new document naming structure. You can mold the document system to create single page letters or complex packages that include multiple pleadings, memos and letters.

Law Firm Software Document Management
Organized and fast document creation in Word or WordPerfect

Word Processor Independent

Each document can be designed for use with either Word or WordPerfect. The templates are designed by you with the option to merge any field in CMP into the document. Therefore, users may continue with the program they are most comfortable with, reducing the training time it takes to learn a new program. This results in the same level of productivity for the firm. The documents are saved as templates to be used over an over again. A merged document can also be modified before printing without altering the template.

Dynamic Field Merge

When a document is created in the law firm software document management module, it can be set up to drop in fields from anywhere in the system. If a case file is open, then the fields are automatically inserted. A simple to use interface allows the users to select from the multiple opponents and addresses as necessary to use the system with minimal training and additional effort. Each document can be viewed on screen in preview mode to be sure it meets the guidelines required for quality control purposes.

Advanced Scripting

Advanced scripting is available with the law firm software document management for complex multi-page documents. These advanced expressions allow the system to have a document that changes based on certain criteria. For example, a document language could change based on the state the opponent resides and eliminate the need for multiple documents that are very similar in nature.

Law Firm Software Document Management Document Maintenance
Advanced operation allows complex expression setup and maintenance

Automated Processes

Some processes, like generating invoices can be automatically generated when a letter is sent to be sure that costs and fees are collected automatically. This is another way to increase your productivity while still maintaining the desired control. It is this flexibility that is an integral part of CMP and one area where it excels. Automated batch documents offer the ease and speed to process thousands of documents.

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