Legal Case Management Software Data Conversion

A fully featured Windows based legal case management software data conversion.

These legal case management software data conversion optional modules allow for importing and exporting of data from multiple data sources, including clients, credit agencies, other computer applications and file types. The modules are setup to act as a liaison between other sources and CMP.

Standard EDI

Specific EDI Interfaces are crafted for working with creditors such as Resurgent, Target, GE, NAN, You’ve Got Claims, and others. Our developers built a special tool so that 90% of the work needed to craft any interface for a client has already been completed. Whoever your clients are, we can get their information into CMP quickly and easily.

legal case management software data conversion
Import and EDI interface allow data to be imported directly into the system

Generic Import

The generic import feature allows you to bring in information needed to start a new case file. Large batches of cases from clients can be imported into CMP. This feature is also for your smaller clients with no set data standard or for files sent forwarded to you by other attorneys.

Custom Interfaces

Custom legal case management software interfaces can be created for any client or customer you may encounter, but these are done on a time and materials basis. Already completed interfaces are available for a standard and reduced cost.

Data Conversion

We have replaced many systems available in the marketplace and have conversion utilities available for some of the more popular packages that do not offer the technology Case Master Pro does. These include PCLaw, Collection Legal Software (CLS), Jim Hubbard, JST, and others. Most any system can have the data converted into Case Master Pro. All legal case management software data conversions are done using our existing tools and are verified to be accurate and correct after importing to be sure that the information is transferred completely and accurately. This process makes changing systems easier and allows the system to get up and running quickly to produce more results in less time.

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