Online Case Management Software

A fully featured Windows based
online case management software.

Client Dashboard

Internet based secure access for your clients is becoming the standard and is expected from many customers. It may make the difference between having a client or not. Accessing information quickly is becoming a more demanding process every day. This process is made easy with CMP Online case management software. This Client Dashboard module allows you to give your clients access to their files easily and quickly, at their convenience, using the Internet and any industry standard browser. You can keep your clients apprised of what is going on, in real time with no extra work!

In addition, your clients or remote offices can check file status and answer questions, print reports or otherwise stay informed whether in or out of the office. This translates into less work and money for you, no more paper status reports that require postage for mailing and the client has access to real time status updates.

CMP Imaging Case Management Software
Online Status Reporting

Payment Dashboard

The Payment Dashboard gives debtors the ability to make payments online using a check or credit card in a secure environment. Available 24/7 for processing payments, the Payment Dashboard eliminates the need for the debtor to contact your office. During the debtor’s login session, they can even update their address and phone number. Daily activity reports integrate with Case Master Pro providing details of all payments received and address or phone number changes. Additional features include optional restrictions to online access or account balance information.

CMP Online Case Management Software
Secure Client Access allows clients access to their files only

Secure Access

The assignment of unique client access codes and passwords allow you to control the clients and their needs for information. With a complete solution comes the need for client and remote user access. For client access, restrictions based on the file and the information displayed is permitted. This allows the client to only see selected information directly from within the system. This information can be controlled to allow them only to see transactions, general case file information, last actions, notes, balances or any other information in the system at any time.

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