Case Management

Case File ScreenshotThis module is the primary interface for your employees and facilitates the legal process by organizing and storing information specific to clients and opponents. The only way an account operator can effectively action an account is if they have ready access to all the relevant information about that account. Case Master Pro delivers a powerful resource to operators through its unique and intuitive screens. This interface is designed to provide the operator with powerful tools in an environment that enables users to maximize your ability to attain a positive outcome for each case file.

User Defined Case Types

User defined case types provide the flexibility needed to practice different types of law using just one system. We have optimized the contact screens for quick and efficient opponent contact. Users can contact opponents, sheriffs, clerks, judges, and more. Users can then set up payment plans, take incoming calls, help other users, and schedule follow up actions. With user-defined case types, only applicable fields appear for each type of case, thus allowing your firm to taylor many field labels to fit your needs.

Review by User

Review-By-UserThe review feature allows each user access to their daily work list and update or track progress on individual case files which is the only way a collector, account operator or lawyer can effectively manage the number of accounts necessary to be productive in today’s environment. Once they have their review list, a double click will access an account (based on security level) and they have instant access to all the relevant information about that account. This allows the user to gain access to detailed account information so they can quickly make informed decisions about an account. It also acts as the control center whereby users can take action on the account by choosing from the advanced features easily and provides an environment that enables users to maximize the recovery ratio of each account.

Multiple Relationships

Each case file can have an unlimited number of opponents, addresses, and accounts. You can also track multiple addresses, phone numbers, notes, service, and trial results for each opponent. Review items are also opponent specific. This flexibility allows opponents to be tracked separately or together. Documents can also be generated for a specific opponent or for all opponents in the file. Use an advanced document feature like expressions and CMP will check for separate addresses or representation by an attorney and generate the document accordingly. Each file can also be assigned to multiple users for review and updating can occur at the same time to allow the staff and lawyer to review the case file at any time or the same time.

Comprehensive Tracking

The comprehensive tracking of opponents, multiple accounts per opponent (with separate balance tracking), interest, check return fee, agency fees, legal fees, contact dates, notes, and auditing information is all available in the transaction screen to see what has happened at any time. Since each type of entry is identified, filtering for calls, payments or other specific transactions is quick and easy.

Campaign Support for Collection Firms

With collection campaign support, each collector can work campaigns by ordering the list by balance, status, date due, or client. The contact screens provide instant access to information on the debtor, multiple accounts, payments, payment plans, contact notes, post dated checks, notice history, and other relevant data. The reviews feature automatically reminds collectors when it is time for a same day call back at a specific time and can report on success and failures of certain activities for a review of the effectiveness of any campaign and the results achieved. This is extremely helpful in fine-tuning your practice to those types of cases where the performance and profits are the best.

Billing & Accounting

accountingMaintain complete control with Case Master Pro’s comprehensive accounting. Designed by a CPA, the accounting programs automate the familiar “one write” concept of bookkeeping and offer numerous options. Meet client demands quickly and retain the highest degree of accounting accuracy and automation available. When marketing to prospective clients or servicing existing ones, the Case Master Pro accounting options will set you apart from the competition.

Trust Accounting & Reconciliation

CMP Trust Accounting enables remittances, check printing, billing, and automated batch routines from each account separately. Unlimited trust/cost accounts allows each client to be separated into a different trust accounts. The trust accounting automates check writing for costs and remittances with the ability to have custom remittances, outstanding check reports, and personalized statements for your clients. The ability to handle check-by-check remits allows for easy auditing if the client requests it. All processes are linked directly to the case file for easy verification of fee and cost recovery as well as itemized opponent and file accounting audit trails.

Fee Arrangements

Automatically and accurately apply fee arrangements and change fee arrangements when you file suit or hire a corresponding attorney. Options include net or gross remits, bracketed rates (multiple rates per client or case), contingent, and non contingent fee rates. Billing options include recovery of additional suit fees and flat rate, per file, or hourly billing. In addition, any combination of the above can be used to meet the requirements of the more complex clients. Furthermore, fees can be advanced from trust or billed directly to the clients.

Court Cost Invoicing

Work efficiently by having the system create cost checks to clerks, sheriffs, process servers, and others recoverable costs. Checks can accompany court documents or be generated on demand, but court cost billing can include group checks or individual court cost statements for each file, minimums for both court cost invoices and refunds based on tables defined in the system, detailed or summary cost history, and can include creditor name for recording purposes. Regardless, all or only those ready to close can be processed and invoicing can be done on plain letterhead or plain paper depending on your preference.

Remittance Options

The flexibility of the remittance options available allow you to meet the needs of your clients in ways previously unavailable. Options available by client include single or group checks, gross or net remittance, automatic deduction for payment fees or other costs directly from the remittance thus improving cash flow and receipt of payment faster. The client also controls the number of days to hold checks before remittance to prevent the remittance of NSF or otherwise non negotiable checks. The available remittance options allow you to meet all a client’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Currency and Tax Configurations

CMP fully supports US and Canadian currencies as well as Canadian sales tax, such as Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Our current clients are located throughout North America, including Canada.


AdminClientThis module seamlessly integrates with CMP Case Management. CMP Admin is designed specifically for system administrator use. It handles security, user field settings and optional modules that are licensed. In addition it handles the database, its location and various systems oriented files including the accounting setup and administration.


Security is handled in every aspect of the Case Master Pro database. It allows the system administrator to limit users access to only the screens or fields applicable to their job function. Each field and form in CMP can be secured. Security can be restricted even more by limiting fields to read only read and write or no access at all. Security can also be used to “hide” a field that you may not need for your business. The security enhances usability by restricting a users access to certain information reducing the possibility of changing information by mistake and eliminating fields from the users sight that may otherwise confuse them.

Trust Accounts

The ability to handle multiple trust accounts allow each client to be identified with a specific trust account. Additionally, the trust account can be combined for smaller firms to have a trust account that combines several clients together. Each trust account can be reconciled to manage fees or costs advanced from trust as well as client and opponent payments And vendor refunds.

Accounting Integration

The accounting program permits the integration of third party accounting interfaces to help manage the firm’s accounting needs. This allows all checks to be integrated with the most popular accounting programs to summarize the financial position for the firm. Currently the package integrates with Peachtree and QuickBooks, but other interfaces are available if desired to manage the detailed finances.


Debtor-Payment-GraphAll system reports and graphs are available from within this module as well. This provides quick views against the data collected in the system at any time. The use of graphs and reports handle most standard reports directly. Custom reports can be done through the specialized custom reporting option. This option allows for any reports to be done based on the user requirements. Standard report categories include litigation, status, financial and performance, listings, exports and queries as well as custom reports. This combination allows a good review of the details available in the system and allows access to the information most frequently used.


Custom-ReportingThis module allows users to create customized reports based on any data field. Reports can be saved, filtered by columns, and detailed to exact requirements. Reports can be printed, emailed or exported based on the user requirements.

Standard Reporting

Included in the system is a basic reporting facility for Ad-hoc reporting to allow each user to define a viewable screen to allow them to report on any information in the system. This allows even a beginning user to write simple reports or load standard template reports that are defined for the system as a whole. This allows each user to run reports they need, when they need them for record keeping, manual records, or just for information. This means information can be obtained whenever you want.

User or Shared Reports

Once defined, any report can be saved for future use or discarded. If saved, they can be saved as a personal report or a shared report. If saved as personal, the report can only be viewed and modified by the user that created it, very much like a document created can be saved in ‘My Documents’. If saved as a shared report, it is just like saving a document on your network.

Multiple Formats

Email-Custom-ReportsReports can be viewed in several formats. Each format offers different options such as Rich Text format so they can be opened in Word or WordPerfect. If a report is just for information, it can be previewed on the screen before printing if desired. If a client wants specific information, it can be saved as an RTF or Excel format to allow it to be shared. Excel format also allows data to be graphed, formatted or otherwise manipulated using the spreadsheet options many people are already familiar with. Regardless of the format, the reports can be emailed or faxed to maximize the benefits of integration without leaving your desk.

Document Management

Document-ManagementThis module allows your firm to totally automate all phases of the document creation process. The Document generation screen is easy to navigate and logically designed. The document titles are controlled by you so there’s no extra training time needed to learn a new document naming structure. You can mold the document system to create single page letters or complex packages that include multiple pleadings, memos and letters.

Each document can be designed for use with either Word or WordPerfect. The templates are designed by you with the option to merge any field in CMP into the document. This allows users to continue with the program they are most comfortable with, reducing the training time it takes to learn a new program. This results in the same level of productivity for the firm. The documents are saved as templates to be used over an over again. A merged document can also be modified before printing without altering the template.

Dynamic Field Merge

When a document is created, it can be set up to drop in fields from anywhere in the system. If a case file is open, then the fields are automatically inserted. A simple to use interface allows the users to select from the multiple opponents and addresses as necessary to use the system with minimal training and additional effort. Each document can be viewed on screen in preview mode to be sure it meets the guidelines required for quality control purposes.

Advanced Scripting

Advanced scripting is available for complex multi-page documents. These advanced expressions allow the system to have a document that changes based on certain criteria. For example, a document language could change based on the state the opponent resides and eliminate the need for multiple documents that are very similar in nature.

Document-MaintenanceAutomated Processes

Some processes, like generating invoices can be automatically generated when a letter is sent to be sure that costs and fees are collected automatically. This is another way to increase your productivity while still maintaining the desired control. It is this flexibility that is and integral part of CMP and one area where it excels. Automated batch documents offer the ease and speed to process thousands of documents.

Software Integration

The integration of the system with all areas of the business makes Case Master Pro a winner in terms of technology, ease of use and implementation. The complexity of document generation is simplified so even beginning users can use it effectively to help increase the effectiveness in doing their jobs.

Accounting Integration

quickbooks-logo2Case Master Pro offers accounting integration for checks, general ledger and reconciliation to QuickBooks and Peachtree as the standard accounting packages. We also offer generic exporting of information to most other systems in Excel or CSV file formats. If it can be linked, we can do it. These interfaces are ready to go and are included in the system.

Word Processing Integration

MSOffice_logoAll document generation supports Word and WordPerfect as the standard word processing options. This allows for complete flexibility in the system and more automation in document preparation.

Information Exchange Integration

Information exchange allows you to integrate with various other systems using some of the industry standards of today, plus be prepared for the changes that are coming in the future. The exchange today is primarily either client specific or industry ‘standards’ that are sold to large corporate customers. This allows them to send information to various people using a single format. In the future, we believe that they will send information in a more standard format and require that each attorney firm to use the information and return the information they request in the format they request. We handle this through the use of XML based exchange. This exchange can be changed quickly and can be understood by any system, if setup properly, except old proprietary systems that lack the flexibility to exchange industry standard formats. These will become obsolete very quickly and once obsolete, will become a barrier to getting new clients and continuing to grow your practice.

Automated Dialer Integration

The integration of automated dialers is becoming more prevalent in the industry as clients demand more attention to their accounts placed for collection. The use of automated dialers allows the collectors to be more effective since they spend their time talking rather than waiting for someone to answer the phone. These devices offer a unique method to contact hundreds or even thousands of clients per hour. Automating this process is good, but useless without the integration with the file to update it with the call results.

Having the dialer integrated allows the file to be updated automatically showing a call was made and the result of that call. If someone answers, then the call can be logged with a result code that appears as a transaction in the history of the file. More advanced dialers can actually update the files automatically and some even offer touchtone response capabilities. We integrate with the Noble dialer with automatic updating of files as well as semi-automatic options when the collector uses the dialer.